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Even while we’re spending more time at home there are measures we can take to bolster the security of our homes and neighborhoods. Here are a few great tips to stay safe at and around your home: 

Deterring package theft:

Install a smart home video doorbell to monitor activity outside of your home, as most video doorbells notify you when there is any kind of activity in the line of site of the camera and have recording capabilities. You can also request that your package has signature confirmation upon delivery or ask your carrier to place the package in an area out of plain view. 

Preventing car break-ins:

Lock your doors anytime you are in or away from your car. You will also want to keep your car tidy and hide or bring valuable items with you to prevent thieves from breaking in to retrieve those items. Park in well-lit, monitored areas, preferably with security cameras nearby. 

Home invasions: 

Keep your house well-lit at night and all doors locked to discourage potential invaders. Do not leave heavy objects in the backyard that can be used to throw through windows. Store or secure ladders that could be used to gain access. Always lock windows, even second floor windows and in summer months use a locking device to secure windows that are in an open position.

Kids playing in streets:

When driving, be aware during times when children are most likely to be outside playing especially sunny days. Keep an eye out for children in residential neighborhoods, especially with parked cars (kids often are in between cars and may enter the street quickly) or streets with no sidewalks. Be careful to abide by the speed limits, driving at or slightly below in areas where kids may be present. It is also important to reduce your speed when turning the corners of your neighborhood and back out of your driveway slowly to prevent accidents. 

Pedestrian safety while exercising outside: 
More of us are out on the streets, taking in the fresh air and trying to maintain appropriate physical distancing. To do this safely, exercise in areas where you are visible to drivers by wearing light colored or reflective clothing and staying in well-lit areas if you’re out late into the evening. Avoid distractions that impede your eyes and ears such as cell phone use or noise canceling headphones. Stay in safe areas with sidewalks, crosswalks, or designated areas for working out. Be aware of your hydration levels and heat or weather conditions while exercising outdoors to prevent accidents.

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