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Hands-Off or Hands-On? When Selling a Home, it’s All About the Plan

Homeowners who’ve made the arduous decision to sell their place have plenty to do to prepare for the day when their home hits the market. The condition of the house – inside and out, the age of the sellers – older or younger, and the homeowner’s level of desire to control the preparations will be factors in creating a well-considered timeline.

I believe it’s all about the plan which builds over many conversations. Of course, a path can ebb and flow, but the essential decisions surrounding decluttering, paint, floors and completing unfinished projects should be put into motion early on. Though it can be uncomfortable, the budget for home prep should also be part of initial honest discussions. Homeowners typically want to be intimately involved in all of these decisions, and they’ve every right to be. After all, it’s been their home for lots of years, and while every situation is unique, it’s usually all hands-on at this point.

Some sellers are certainly more engaged than others, but, over time, it seems that most start to become increasingly detached from their beloved home. Sure, decisions still have to be made and projects completed, and while lots of emotions surface at the beginning, they, too, ebb and flow as homeowners move through their plans. Clients reveal to me that the process of added attention to preparing their home for the next occupant simultaneously clears the way for contemplation about the next chapter in their own lives. The more detached they feel, the more excited sellers often become about what’s next for them.

The natural progression every homeowner goes through psychically and financially in their decision to list their home for sale eventually leads many to gradually adopt a hands-off approach. While meticulous at first, they start to trust in the plan itself, the service providers selected and, perhaps most importantly, that they made the right decision.

Homeowners also begin to solidly trust their choice of a real estate broker. If a broker demonstrates a caring attitude, attention to detail, flexibility and confidence, all of these qualities and more will shine through. Ultimately, a good broker’s dedication to the homeowner’s best interests will be evident not just to the clients but to their neighbors and friends who’ve either talked with the sellers about their process or kept a watchful eye on the whole affair from afar.

Whether hands-on or hands-off all the way to listing day, it’s always up to the homeowners because they’ve put everything on the line to sell their home. While many tough decisions will be made alongside candid conversations, every client should be able to say that their ultimate comfort and satisfaction were top priorities every step along the ever-winding path.

SOURCE: Coldwell Banker Bain Blog

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