Begin making your spring cleaning schedule by determining how much time you’ll devote to spring cleaning over the next week (or month, if your schedule is otherwise packed). Set aside at least two hours a day for these seasonal chores and you should be able to do it all in about a week.


Write a list of all the household chores that need to be included in your spring cleaning schedule. For example, think of the windows, walls, air vents, light fixtures, floor waxing/polishing, window treatments, carpets, water filters, and any other items that are not cleaned on a weekly basis.


Assign a task to a time slot in your spring cleaning schedule. You may need to estimate how much time each task takes you. Be sure to leave ample time for each chore.

STEP 4: 

Assemble the necessary cleaning supplies in an easy-to-carry tote. Make a separate spring cleaning kit for the bathroom for sanitation’s sake. Having all of your tools and cleaners together will make sticking to your spring cleaning schedule easier.

STEP 5: 

Clean your home by closely flowing your spring cleaning schedule and completing each task as comes up on your calendar. Declutter as you go, tossing and donating items that have not been used in the last year or are no longer useful or beautiful to you.


Enjoy your efforts in a clean, fresh home. Be sure to write notes on your spring cleaning schedule so that you know what adjustments to make for next year (for example, more time for the windows and less needed for dusting).

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